Building Survey

Gone Sale Agreed? – get a Building Survey completed!


The Building Survey Report clearly explains the general construction of the building and all its associated parts, including services such as electricity, heating, water, drainage, etc.  The survey will alert the purchaser to potential pitfalls of the property, areas where money will have to be spent for upkeep of the house, and a likely period of time the work would have to be completed.

In many cases when a vendor prepares the property for sale, they will complete a redecoration of the property.  And it is in these instances it may be an attempt to mask signs of problems. Where possible through a visual inspection, we will indicate if there is evidence or possible occurrences of subsidence, water damage, damp, rot or any serious defect to the building which should be considered prior to purchase.

We provide three typical survey Types: Type One, Type Two & Type Three.  These are in accordance with the SCSI Survey types.  Please see Residential Property Surveys consumer guide [link].

If you would like a price for a building survey, please send us details via email about the property which you would like surveyed.  Please provide any address details which will allow us review the level of survey needed and we can return a call to discuss the type of survey we propose to carry out, the fee, and also how soon we can complete the survey.

If you happen to have any links to or for the sales brochure of the property, please also provide this where you can.

We will normally arrange access with the estate agent at a suitably convenient time, and once we are finish in the property, will give you a call afterwards to discuss any pertinent problems which we feel you should know immediately.  We will then prepare our report for issuing soon after.


The fees for a Type One Survey start from €450.00 plus VAT (currently 23%), total €553.50.

Fees for Type Two Surveys start from €600.00 plus VAT, total €738.00.

Type Three Survey fees depend on the property’s age and its size. A fee can be provided upon request.