Land Registry Maps

PRA Compliant Land Registry Maps

ordnanceTitle Maps for Land

The Property Registration Authority of Ireland requires all lands being transferred to have a Land Registry Map or Title Map to be appended to the transaction.  We prepare the necessary map and certification of the lands for those titles still under Registry of Deeds.

For multi-storey developments, particularly apartment structures, we also prepare maps in compliance with Mapping Procedure for Registration of Multi-storey Developments as outlined under PRA requirements.

Lease Maps for appending to Leases

Within a Lease it defines the obligations of the Tenant, or the Landlord for that matter, and the extent of the demised premises for which the obligations operate.  It is important to have a Lease Map to clearly define, delineated in the appropriate colour, the area for which the premises is leased.  We prepare clear lease maps for this specific purpose.


Certified mapping based on standard ordnance survey urban boundary information starts from €350.00 plus VAT (currently 23%).  This includes a site visit to check boundaries correlate with those of the Ordnance Survey Ireland mapping data.

Marking of maps using digital OSi mapping information starts from €500 plus VAT and includes a site visit.

All mapping fees for each instruction shall be agreed prior to commencement of service.